Wanderers No More by Michelle Saftich {Book Review}

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Wanderers No More by Michelle Saftich {Book Review}Book Title: Wanderers No More
Author: Michelle Saftich
Pages: 290 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

The war may be over, but the fight to belong is just the beginning.

Left homeless, starving, and almost killed by the Second World War, the Saforo family are refugees fleeing Italy for a better life. The shores of Australia are calling to them and they head off, packing dreams of jobs, a home and… soccer.

But from the moment they get off the boat, adapting to the Australian way of life is harder than it seems. Their family doesn’t speak right, eat right or even look right. As they struggle to build a simple life against the backdrop of 1950s’ racism, they start to wonder if they will be outsiders forever.

A true family affair, Wanderers No More will make you laugh, remind you of your family, and warm your heart.

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Wow. This was not my typical read but I am so glad I tried it!

I loved following Martino and his family on their journey and learning about the experience, the trials and the success each family member went through.

I felt it was a little slow to start, but something about it made me keep reading – keep following the journey, knowing there was more to come.

There were parts that were nail biting; parts that had me in fear, holding my breath; suspense; romance; and sadness. A true rollercoaster of emotions.

This really truly was an amazing read with the most fitting title ever.

A journey from nothing to success. A fabulous read!

About the Author:
Michelle SaftichMichelle Saftich resides in Brisbane, Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Business/Communications Degree, majoring in journalism, from the Queensland University of Technology.

For the past 20 years, she has worked in communications, including print journalism, sub-editing, communications management and media relations.
Born and raised in Brisbane, she spent 10 years living in Sydney; and two years in Osaka, Japan, where she taught English.

Her historical fiction novel, Port of No Return, was inspired by a true family story. It was published by Australian independent publishing house, Odyssey Books in 2015. Its sequel, Wanderers No More was released in August 2017. Michelle is married with two children.

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  1. Thank you Leila for your wonderful review. I’m glad you got caught up in the story and were really feeling for the characters. I agonised over the title – I’m glad you found it fitting! What writer wouldn’t cherish a review like this. Thanks so much.

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