Tevanon and Kensic: Turlot by Tyson Clarke {Book Review}

Disclosure: I received a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Tevanon and Kensic Turlot by Tyson ClarkeTitle: Tevanon and Kensic: Turlot
Genre: ,
Pages: 304

Upon the shores of the Laughley Sea, in the shadows of the jagged Northland Mountains and not so far south as the blistering Aronee Desert, there exists a land of lush forests and golden plains. This land is known as Lynsid, a once great nation that has suffered through more than a decade of demoralizing wars. The brothers Tevanon and Kensic were born to Lynsid like their parents and grandparents before them. They know no other life and have never been outside the borders of their homeland. Lynsid, however, is on the verge of collapse and rumors of a Vlagen invasion spur a mass migration. At first, the brothers have no intention of leaving their birthplace, but soon enough they have no choice and find themselves on the trail to a land called Turlot where their Great Uncle Welksley resides.

At just thirteen-years-old, Tevanon is already highly skilled in swordsmanship, and his nine-year-old brother Kensic is mentally gifted. These attributes are useful, but the journey to Turlot will test not only their brawn and brains, but also their faith and tactfulness. The brothers learn quickly the world is filled with endless adversity. Treachery is in plain sight, evil sorcery is silently stirring, and an immortal army is lying in wait! If the brothers wish to survive, they must be vigilant, they must be brave, and they must believe in themselves.

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I had made a rule not to read books that had names and places that I could not pronounce. Somehow, Tevanon and Kensic snuck in on my “to read and review” book pile without my knowing it. (It was not these two names that threw me, just for the record!)

I can’t say I’m upset. I really enjoyed this book.

The book starts out a smidgen slow, but becomes intense fairly quickly. As we journey with Tevanon and Kensic, there are moments of intensity and suspense.

There are a few parts that are “unrealistic” but for the most part, the story reads as something that happened long ago or could happen in a future beyond ours.

I really like a young adult reader would enjoy this book. Being an adult who read it, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and would recommend it! It would be a great book for young male readers and I think female readers can enjoy it as well!

About the Author
Tyson ClarkeTyson was born and raised in San Jose, California where he began writing short stories during his middle school years. Prior to high school, he took an interest in video production and soon enough was combining his love of writing and video to produce short films which cast his family and friends in leading roles. Later, he attended San Jose State University where he studied creative writing and film production. Upon graduating, he focused his attention on screenwriting, but soon returned to writing the short stories he loved so much as a boy. Eventually this led to writing novels such as Bobby Massey and Team Bazzare. Tyson hopes that his stories are enjoyed by readers of all ages and encourages all of his readers to occasionally check back for news and updates.

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