Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives by Karen Clark {Book Review}

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Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives by Karen ClarkTitle: Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives
Pages: 249

This is the resource you've been waiting for. Tailored specifically to those in direct selling businesses, Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives is the first volume in a series of books to help you accelerate your business using social media marketing as a vibrant part of your overall marketing plan. With 18 years' experience in the field and working with companies, this book was written by someone with the technical expertise to know what works, and the industry knowledge to explain it in a way that make sense.

In this 230 page volume, you will:

Learn the best ways to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks for business.
How best to focus your marketing efforts on serving the needs of your customers and building relationships that last.
Explore the options for conducting online parties for sales and sponsoring.
Find out how to best find and convert leads to build your business.
Step by step how-to instructions for conducting online sales parties through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
How to avoid the common pitfalls with using social media for your direct selling business.
Do's and don'ts for staying compliant within the direct sales industry, your specific company, and marketing laws.
...and more!

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Some of you may not know that in addition to blogging, I have a small addiction to direct sales.

I find them fun and they are a great way for me to come out of my bubble and meet new people. When I find one that “clicks” with me, I find I can make a small income on the side that helps pay down our debt and goes towards bills. {Yes, I have done some that were not successful. Actually for me, I have done A LOT that were unsuccessful; but right now, I have two that not only do I love, I am making a small income on the side that is going towards our debt and bills.}

With that being said…

I am experienced in social media and in direct selling. I learned a lot from this book.

I have found that when it comes to anything in life, there is always more to learn. I don’t think anyone ever masters everything. There is always more to learn. That’s how I feel about social media and direct selling.

This book provides great information for all of social media and how to effectively share on them so as not to “sell” all the time (a very important thing to remember.)

There are amazing tips in this book that I have made note of and marked so that I can put them to use and start making a practice of it, not only for my direct sales business, but also for my blog social media.

If you are a direct seller or someone who uses social media for any type of business, I really think this is a great book to have on hand. The tips inside are priceless and I look forward to putting them to use.

About the Author

Karen ClarkAn innovator in using social media for direct sales, Karen Clark has been involved in the industry and training on smart and effective Internet Marketing strategies since 1998. Combining traditional party plan marketing with online relationship building, after 12 years as a field representative, leader and executive, Karen is a now a sought-after expert in the direct sales and social media marketing. Since 2009 she has been working with companies to promote ethical and effective online marketing strategies for using social media to connect with people, not collect people. She presents dynamic keynotes and workshops to direct selling conferences that give sales representatives the tools and confidence to take action right away. Throughout her training is the concept that social media is about connecting people, not collecting people.

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