Six Skinny Secrets to Losing the Baby Weight by Katie Pickett {Book Review}

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Six Skinny Secrets to Losing the Baby Weight by Katie PickettTitle: Six Skinny Secrets to Losing the Baby Weight
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As I’m sure you’re well aware of, losing the baby weight is hard and it sucks. Its harder than just jumping on the treadmill and losing 5 lbs because now you have a baby, and you’re exhausted, and all you want to eat is sugar.

I’ve figured out some tricks that really help me lose the weight, and they’ve worked three times now. I am a firm believer on learning to listen to your body, rather than follow a plan.

You aren’t a robot, your body needs things and it wants you to listen. Some days your body needs more protein others more sugar. Learning to understand what your body is wanting, and how to manage cravings is really what my book is about. Its simple, a quick read with tips you can apply.

I know these work for me, and I really want them to work for you and help you. That’s why I wrote this book. If you aren’t sure, email me! I promise my blog isn’t that big, and my inbox isn’t that full, so send me a question. I’m happy to answer it, and let you know if I think the book will help you. I’m honest to a fault, so I won’t sell you.

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This was a very quick, but very spot on read.

The book was incredibly short (it will not take long to read the 6 secrets) but what she shared was spot on. Some of it, I knew previously and some of it was new to me as well. (I was not aware of the breakfast/fasting breakfast tip she shared and it made total sense to me!)

She did a great job explaining what to do, why to do it and how to do it.

I am four years post-baby but I am working on losing weight and am definitely going to use the secrets that she shared.

If weight loss is something you are looking into – either immediately post baby or later on – this book does have some good secrets to keep in mind!

About the Author
Katie PickettI’m Katie, founder and creator at Joyful Messes. I am an all-round creative with a short attention span. I like to dive in and create anything, though I have trouble mastering banana bread. I believe that motherhood is messy, and we must find joy in those moments to see what God is trying to teach us. The messy moments are where we are uncomfortable, where we are learning and where we are growing. If we pursue joy, we are pursuing the higher calling – the life lesson we signed up for when we became mothers and wives.

I love to photograph the joyful moments. The ones that I can look too when things are not so happy. I write on everything surrounding motherhood, and I try to balance between the emotional chaos and peaceful happiness that rolls through our days as mothers. I hope you find some wisdom, laughter and joy as you read through the stories from myself and others who also believe there is power to pursuing joy!

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