The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog: A Blend of Truth, Fiction and Inspiration from the Other Side by Trisha Watson {Book Review}

Disclosure: I received this book to review through iRead Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.

The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog: A Blend of Truth, Fiction and Inspiration from the Other Side by Trisha Watson {Book Review}By reading this newly released book for the dog lover’s soul, you are about to take a remarkable journey through the eyes of Russell the dog. At times you will find that reading about his spiritual adventures takes an open mind, and a willingness to laugh and cry. By choice, Russell has come into this life with a unique dual purpose: to experience his present lifetime as a dog and to review his previous lifetime as a man. His journey is multidimensional; taking him through numerous challenges triggering a spectrum of emotions which he resists. One of his special abilities is to telepathically hear and communicate with other animals, his Spirit Guides, and even people when necessary for his growth. In the process, Russell learns about reincarnation, karma, grace, unlimited thinking, and forgiveness – all from a dog’s point of view and that of a soul who has had many previous human lifetimes.

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I recall a newly released movie not to long ago… I cannot recall the name, but the trailers made it appear as if the dog’s soul kept coming back to life as a new dog, to a new family, for a new journey. This book reminds me of that movie trailer.

I was sucked into the book immediately. I mean really, who doesn’t love dogs – puppies – for that matter!?

I loved reading life through the eyes of a dog. It’s always fun to read stories through a point of view that we normally don’t get to see. Through a puppy and then a dog’s eyes was definitely different and enjoyable.

I highlighted many quotes and little pieces of inspiration for future use. I found inspiration, life reminders, and positive quotes throughout the book.

This is certainly a book that I think I will read again in the future and definitely recommend for those who love our four legged friends! It is a good read; inspiring; and aligns with a belief system that not everyone agrees with, but I do. I really do think people will enjoy this read!

About the Author
Author Trisha WatsonTrisha Watson has a reverence for life, nature, and compassion for those in need, including, and especially animals. Of course, that encompasses pets too, and thus all her dogs and cats over the years were rescues or strays. Because of her passion, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book is donated to different animal rescue organizations.

Twenty years of self-employment helped her develop a can-do attitude. When asked about the process of writing a book she said, “This story wouldn’t leave me alone, much of it flowed easily. Some of it I don’t remember writing, which at first was spooky, but later made complete sense as the story revealed itself. My intention with this book is to perhaps provide a source of inspiration and healing for those who read it.”

At sixteen, Trisha began her spiritual journey. Over the years she has delved into many facets always with an open mind and a dash of healthy skepticism. Never looking back, she keeps moving forward in her own spiritual adventure, seeking to learn and share her experiences with others. Trisha was born in Rhode Island. A few years later her family moved to the “Mile High City” Denver, Colorado where she grew up. As an adult she was drawn to the mountains eventually settling in Evergreen, a small mountain town outside of Denver. It is there she’s built a life with her husband Mark and their two dogs, Maggie and Cooper.

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One comment on “The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog: A Blend of Truth, Fiction and Inspiration from the Other Side by Trisha Watson {Book Review}

  1. Hi Leila:

    Thank you for the great review. It means a great deal to me that the story spoke to you.

    The work you do reviewing books is important and I’m grateful you took the time to read The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog.

    Wishing you abundant health and prosperity.
    With Love and Light,
    Trisha Watson

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