Rain No Evil by Michele Savaunah Zirkle Marcum {Book Review}

Disclosure: I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.

Based on a true story of exorcism and paranormal events, this story’s undercurrent is a dysfunctional relationship between Savaunah and her husband, Alex, that prompts Savaunah to blame God for her unhappiness and dares Him to prove he is real. The bizarre response takes the surreal to a whole other realm–literally.

In Michele Zirkle’s debut novel, Rain No Evil, lead character Savannah needs more protection than her police officer husband can provide when a few demons infiltrate her life. As one demon soaks the interior of her home, another pops up in her mirror. Just knowing that an evil presence could be buried within her skin almost scares the hell right out of her. Almost. It takes a lady with divine light to do that.

“There’s a rare honesty in the writing of Rain No Evil. After reading this story, I remembered everything that happened as though the events had actually happened to me. I’ve never experienced that before in a book, and I can tell you I have never been so pulled into a story as I have with this one. It can’t be placed into a neat box of horror or suspense or supernatural. It is as original as it is fascinating. Wickedly funny, yet profoundly sincere and thought provoking. I loved it.” – Michael Knost, Bram Stoker Award-winning editor and author of Return of the Mothman.

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I have to be honest; I struggled with this book. The opening of the story jumps right into a marriage on the rocks that has infidelity and mental, verbal, and emotional abuse. It was a long read and there was a lot of religious aspects.

With that off my chest; I will say, it was not a bad read. If you can push through that, you can find a good story.

The story follows Savannah and her family through a very troubled, very unhealthy marriage, and personal conflicts that tend to show themselves in reality. It was almost as if the more Savannah questioned her faith and go against what she knew was right and wrong, the more the negative would show itself in her life. Enough so that others could see it and experience it.

Personally, I struggled with Savannah throughout most of the story. I felt she was weak to tolerate what she did and I was really rooting for her to wake up and see what was happening.

About a quarter of the way into the book is when I felt it got interesting and was a story that pulled me in.

If you don’t believe in the spiritual or paranormal activities, this may not be the right book for you, but if you are open minded; I think you will find this to be a good read!

About the Author
After teaching high school English for twenty years, Michele Savaunah Zirkle wrote and released her first novel, Rain No Evil, which won WV Writer’s Inc. Honorable Mention as a short story. “The River Runs Through my Blood,” took first place in Mountain Ink Literary Journal short fiction contest, and she has published several vignettes in The Journal of Health and Human Experience, including “Healing Hands,” which describes how energy healing helped her to break a self-defeating cycle and transform her life. In addition to hosting a weekly radio show, Life Speaks, on AIR radio, Michele writes inspirational columns for several Ohio Valley Publishing newspapers. She is a graduate of Concord College and Marshall Graduate School and is currently pursuing her doctorate in metaphysics.

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Michele Zirkle Marcum shares her true story about her experience with the paranormal. This video includes actual photos from the occurrence.


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