No Good Deed Left Undone by Ginny Fite {Book Review}

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No Good Deed Left Undone by Ginny Fite {Book Review}Title: No Good Deed Left Undone by
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Pages: 267

“He had an itchy feeling, something he had seen that his memory had recorded but that he wasn’t paying attention to…”

When a man has everything, he can afford to be generous. Lawyer, philanderer, and horseman Grant Wodehouse is generous to a fault—until he’s stabbed to death with a pitchfork in his barn. The killer could be anyone—his lover’s husband, his troubled son, the homeless guy he lets sleep in his barn, his unscrupulous partner or even his wife.

​Methodical Detective Sam Lagarde doesn’t miss a clue as he questions an ever-growing list of suspects, only to discover the killer has been hiding in plain sight the entire time. Always one step behind the killer, finally Lagarde’s only recourse is one he never wanted to take.

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I am a big fan of suspense and mystery reads. I love the challenge that comes with figuring it out.

No Good Deed Left Undone is the second book in the Sam Lagarde series although I didn’t feel I was missing anything without having read the first book in the series.

The book starts off immediately with the murder of Grant Wodehouse and there are plenty of suspect in the murder, but that doesn’t help what comes.

While it started off immediately with the case, I felt it was slow starting for my particular, inpatient taste.

I did enjoy the book and while I was able to figure out the mystery; I continued to enjoy the suspense that came along with the story.

About the Author
Ginny FiteGinny Fite is an award-winning journalist who has covered crime, politics, government, healthcare, art and all things human. She’s been a spokesperson for a governor and a member of Congress, a few colleges and universities, and a robotics R&D company. She earned degrees from Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University and studied at the School for Women Healers and the Maryland Poetry Therapy Institute. No Good Deed, published by Black Opal Books in 2015, is her second Sam Lagarde mystery/thriller set in Charles Town, West Virginia.

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