Hurricane in Paradise by Deborah Brown {Book Review}

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Hurricane in Paradise by Deborah BrownTitle: Hurricane in Paradise
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Pages: 324

Set against the steamy backdrop of Tarpon Cove’s sun-kissed, tropical waters, sexy sleuths and best friends Madison and Fab are at it again dealing with the occasional dead body. Hidden just below the surface of the small town lies an underworld, one steeped in deceit, corruption, and deadly secrets. It’s only a matter of time before Madison and Fab find themselves on a collision course with the police, who consider them likely suspects in a murder.

Ride along on their adventures when the duo realizes that a family member is missing and pull themselves away from all jobs to track him down. Theories: walked away, freak accident, kidnapped? If so, then why no ransom demand?

Hurricane in Paradise is book ten in the thrilling and humorous provocative Paradise series, which finds the two waist-deep in mystery and romance. It is a smart, adventurous read that delivers heart-thumping, non-stop action. Join Madison and Fab as they solve the most twisted of cases, through unconventional – and highly entertaining – measures… sometimes in flip-flops.

The Paradise series, are Florida Keys mysteries, “great as stand-alone reads, but they’re like chips…you won’t be able to devour just one!”

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“Deborah Brown’s Florida Keys mystery series is highly addictive! The characters are quirky & amusing. The dialogue is snappy. The plot highly entertaining & thrilling. All the oddball cast of characters are back as well as Mad’s & Fab’s deliciously hunky loves, Creole & Didier.” 

“Madison and Fab are so much fun to read about along with their better halves. This time there’s murder (of course), a missing family member and a crazy grandma! You’ll love this book so much!”

“Once again Deborah Brown has written a wonderful humorous highly entertaining book.”

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Oh, how I have missed Madison and Fab! I feel like we left off right where we started and picked up like old friends.

Each of the Paradise Series books can be read as a stand alone, but I am telling you; you do not want to miss a single one! They are funny and mysterious which makes them such an amazing combination. (Not to mention there are two smokin’ hot boys that make it all the more better!)

I did find myself slightly irritated at the start. Because each book can be read as a stand alone, the author threw in some back story or clarification to things that I – the obsessed reader that I am – already knew. I totally understand why she did it; it just bugged me because I knew the info and did not need a refresher. I wanted to get to the good stuff! (Just me being inpatient.)

Hurricane in Paradise was… less “active” than some of the past books, but did not make it any less enjoyable. Of course, there is usually more than one “crime” going on to be solved (my favorite part) and this one didn’t miss that!

Seedy characters, a missing person, and of course; a new “bimbo” at Brick Famosa Motors kepts me on my toes.

I love the characters. I love the humor. I love the mystery aspect (I don’t know that I have ever figured out the “who done it” too soon!)

I highly recommend the Paradise Series. You won’t be disappointed. (And I hope they keep coming!)

About the Author
I’ve been writing, in one way or another for as long as I can remember; writing poetry, short stories, a romance novel secretly stashed under the bed and sappy love letters. Fiction should be fun. I wanted to create the perfect beach book, to make the reader laugh, cry and cheer… and then run out and tell their friends about it.

My love of reading began when I was seven, the day I opened the cover of my first Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book. Mrs. P gave lessons to other children in how to behave and to me I learned to love the written word. I live with my family and demon children aka rescue cats in South Florida.

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