Braidy Von Althuis and the Gullible Ghost Hunter (Book 2) by Cassidy Dwelis {YA Book Review}

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Braidy Von Althuis and the Gullible Ghost Hunter (Book 2) by Cassidy Dwelis {YA Book Review}“Braidy felt a churning cauldron of fear stirring in his stomach. Uncle Rolo had the habit of destroying good things.”

Ten-year-old Braidy von Althuis finally has what he needs: a good friend, Saturday-Morning cartoons, and a loving family. While life has been perfect since Braidy defeated the warlock that attempted to kidnap his father, Braidy knows the quiet will not last.

Strangeness creeps through Maple Hills, especially since a ghost hunter moved into town.

This ghost hunter has Braidy’s dead Uncle Rolo worried sick, but Braidy’s family thinks the newcomer in town is harmless. Braidy feels otherwise, and to make matters worse, a friend from Uncle Rolo’s past comes to call.

Will Uncle Rolo follow the rules and stay safe, or will Braidy watch his uncle tear their family apart?

Braidy von Althuis and the Gullible Ghost Hunter is a story about telling the truth, taking responsibility, and what it means to be a family.

This book is suitable for children aged 8 – 11.

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My hopes in reading the Braidy Von Althuis series was to find a book that my tween and I could read. Unfortunately, for me, my son refuses to read it because it’s book 2 of a series and “he doesn’t like to start books in the middle of a series”. Fortunately for me, that just means I will have to grab book 1, read it first, and then share with him so he can move on!

While my son pointed out; The Gullible Ghost Hunter is book 2 in the series, it did not matter one bit in my opinion. I wasn’t lost; I didn’t feel I was missing anything (other than wanting to go back and read what seems like would be a great read!)

I will admit, the book itself – character wise – was a little… far fetched at the beginning. Definitely a different sort of paranormal than I am used to, but it made it all the more fun for me to read and was the entire purpose of wanting to read it as my two oldest are into paranormal.

While Braidy is the main focus of The Gullible Ghost Hunter, a lot of the story revolves around his Uncle Rolo, the town’s ghost hunter, and a mystery visitor.

The entire book was fun, light, and perfect for younger kids. I think it may be a bit too much of a read for my 7 year old, but perfect for my 12 year old.

I look forward to reading book 5 in the series, but also going back and getting the other books to read and bond over with my tween! It really is a series that I think he would enjoy and definitely recommend for the middle grade kids!

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Author Cassidy DwelisI’m Cassidy, and I love storytelling! I’m incredibly passionate about writing, art, and anything that allows me to create my own worlds. My goal is to write dreamy fiction for all ages that is unique, inspiring, and imaginative. I want my books to instill wonderment in the reader. I like to write about themes that include coming of age, magic realism, identity, relationships, and bullying. My books are intended for readers ages eight to twenty-five, and are meant to connect the world of the fantastical to everyday life. I currently live in Colorado and just got my MA in Publishing!

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