A Delicate Dance of Souls by Karen D. Hamilton {Book Review}

Disclosure: I received this book to review through iRead Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.

A Delicate Dance of Souls by Karen D. Hamilton {Book Review}When souls intersect deeply, but their paths are separate…

After a harrowing experience from his service in the military, Matt returns only to find his marriage to the love of his life is over. In the midst of his darkness, Matt seeks peace camping in Wyoming, where he meets Nicole, an intriguing woman who shifts his perspective, and changes his life forever. As their connection deepens, their relationship uncovers the fears that are holding both of them back.

Matt isn’t the only one with an unresolved love in his past. Waiting in the wings is Sam, Nicole’s business partner and best friend. The pair have a history of more than just catering and event planning, but Nicole has always been afraid of letting Sam get too close.

In this novel of self-discovery, compassion and healing, Nicole and Matt are brought to a greater understanding and acceptance of themselves, and who they are in the world.

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Matt and Nicole’s sexual relationship is built upon mature expectations and open conversations… [that] involve psychological grappling: with the inner child, dark parts of the human psyche, and reconciling the past. …[T]heir relationship is vulnerable and eye-opening. – Foreword Clarion Reviews

In Karen D. Hamilton’s tale of friendship and self-acceptance, the main characters must learn to trust others and to identify internal demons. …Readers will steadfastly follow the characters’ journey of self-discovery… Infused with spiritual lessons, this story about two lost souls finding their way back to themselves proves a satisfying read. – BlueInk Review

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I really enjoyed this romance read. It didn’t feel hurried and rush – both in story and in romance.

The chemistry between Matt and Nicole was instant, but it was so much deeper than just a physical connection. It was a connecting of two people that neither of them had experienced before.

Each character is carrying a secret bag of skeletons from their past; neither one ready to share, overcome, or grow beyond the skeletons that they continue to carry with them.

Until the connection between them, pulls the skeletons out and into the open.

I am a firm believer that people come into our lives for seasons. They may not be what we need forever, but they may be what we need at that time in our lives. I think this book was a prime example of that.

Matt and Nicole found each other at a time in their lives when they needed each other. They were able to pull deep dark secrets from one another that allowed them to grow as people.

I definitely recommend this read and can see myself reading this one again in the future!

About the Author:
Author Karen D. HamiltonKaren D. Hamilton’s spiritual journey has spanned decades and has included several teachers with transformative perspectives. Believing that life is a wondrous gift, she strives to appreciate all aspects of the human experience. Karen loves the excitement of thunderstorms, the silence of falling snow, the chirping of late summer crickets, the meditative art of weaving, and the natural beauty of mountain streams. She especially loves being with family and friends. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband and fluffy cat, Merlin. Karen hopes her work will give readers a broader and more compassionate view of their own lives.

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