Braidy Von Althuis and the Dastardly Djinn (Book 3) by Cassidy Dwelis {YA Book Review}

I previously read book 2 of the Braidy Von Althuis series, and could not bring myself to move on without reading books 3 and 4, before reading number 5! I am just too invested in the life of Braidy Von Althuis!

Disclosure: I received this book to review through iRead Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.

Braidy Von Althuis and the Dastardly Djinn (Book 3) by Cassidy Dwelis {YA Book Review}“He should have known this would happen. Wishes in movies and books seemed to go bad, so why would this one be any different?”

Ten-year-old Braidy von Althuis misses his family dearly. Ever since his father, his aunt, and his uncle went to look for Gran in Europe, the house has been quiet and lonely. Even worse, Braidy’s cousin Blockhead is miserable after a breakup.

Braidy wishes more than anything that he could do something to make his cousin happy.

His wish is granted by a mysterious djinni, but the wish does not solve all his problems. Something is wrong with Blockhead, and Braidy learns a dark secret about his family that changes everything he knew.

Will Braidy and Blockhead be able to undo the djinni wish, or will Braidy spark a war that may change the world as he knows it?

Braidy von Althuis and the Dastardly Djinn is a story about identity, self-worth, consent, and responsibility. This book is suitable for children aged 8 – 11.

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After reading book 2, I tried to jump ahead and read book 5, but felt I missed something quite important and just couldn’t read book 5, without going back and finding out what happened.

Book 3 does a really good job of picking up shortly after the ending of Book 2.

Gran is gone and most of the family – sans Braidy, his mom, and Blockhead – have gone to search for her.

I felt this book really gave us a more in-depth look at Blockhead. It provided us a backstory to this mystery boy – who he is, how he became to be, why he is what he is, and who he really is deep down.

As a reader; this book was a fun adventure with some great action and enough thrill to keep a reader reading, but not enough to scare off a young reader.

As a parent and an adult, I enjoyed the thought process and unselfish wish that Braidy asked for. It also showed how a wish can be a positive or a negative experience, and that making a wish without careful consideration can really be harmful and something you cannot take back.

It also gives a great lesson on learning to accept who you are as a person; not changing to be who someone else wants you to be; and that those who love you, love you for who you are.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read book 4. I have already recommended this series to my 12 year old and once he finishes his current book, he will be picking these up. I definitely think he is going to enjoy them as much as I do!

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Author Cassidy DwelisI’m Cassidy, and I love storytelling! I’m incredibly passionate about writing, art, and anything that allows me to create my own worlds. My goal is to write dreamy fiction for all ages that is unique, inspiring, and imaginative. I want my books to instill wonderment in the reader. I like to write about themes that include coming of age, magic realism, identity, relationships, and bullying. My books are intended for readers ages eight to twenty-five, and are meant to connect the world of the fantastical to everyday life. I currently live in Colorado and just got my MA in Publishing!

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