The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean by Robert Gillespie {Children Book Review}

Disclosure: I participated in a book tour with iRead Book Tours. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean by Robert Gillespie {Children Book Review}Popcorn and Jellybean had never ventured down the path beyond the big tree. But since they never really did anything exciting, and even though it made them a little nervous at first, they decided it would be a fun adventure for a couple of days. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, as it turned out, if the explorers were not prepared! Join them as they take on new challenges each day, learn how to survive by following the behaviors of the animals they encounter, and go where Mother Nature leads them. And who knows, maybe we could learn as well!

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What a fun adventurous book for the kids!

This is a super cute read with cute pictures that fit the adventure!

Popcorn and Jellybean go on an adventure in the woods – teaching kids about all the nature that can be found, giving a great educational aspect!

Popcorn and Jellybean go on a five day adventure and the reading is a little long, but it would make for a great nightly read – one day a night before bedtime – letting the kids dream about the adventure they had and dreaming about what adventure may await!

The words are large text which would help with an early learner just getting started on their reading.

This is a cute, fun book that would make a great family time or early reader book!

Robert GillespieBob has spent more than 13 years as a wildlife conservation educator sharing information and animal encounters with audiences of all ages. He has a passion for teaching about a wide range of topics nature related, and loves passing it along to his two sons. His youngest son, Colton, was the inspiration behind The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean, where it all started as a simple bedtime story. Bob currently resides in Carlsbad, California, and works as a professional interpreter guide at a world renowned conservation organization.


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  1. Thank you Leila, for taking time to review our book, and for the very kind words. Much appreciated, and I will let you know as soon as the sequel is out (currently in the publication process!) Bob & Colton Gillespie

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